Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Victory is America's Victory and a victory for minorities worldwide : Images of the Game's political commentary.

It is 6.35pm Tuesday November 4, 2008, and across the atlantic, more than 4000 miles away it is 1.35pm. In another six hours, the first results of these US elections will begin to come in, and it is my prediction that by 11.00pm USA time just hours after the first announcements the elections will be called for Barrack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party, victory by a landslide.
Like most observers of these elections, I had by mid-August become almost punch drunk by the coverage by USA media who failed the American people by their coverage (not dissimilar to their coverage of the Beijing Olympics) of these elections, choosing to focus on trifle as opposed to covering the real issues at stake. The media failed to educate the electors about the candidates, to produce in-depth assessment and analysis of their backgrounds and the relationship and obligations that America has to its people and the rest of the world.
I take nothing away from Senator John McCain, as he has served his country as a member of the military, albeit eons ago and almost forever as a US Senator. In my view though, although his war record was his greatest credential, it was woefully inadequate as qualification to lead America in this time.
Barack Obama is the personification of what the USA is to most Americans, and to disadvantaged peoples the world over. He is the man that this time requires for America- A family man, an educated man, a man of proven moral fibre, a man with the intellectual skills, and the personal history to motivate and to bring the country together at a time when it is literally on its knees.
Congratulations to the American electorate... you have matured enough to judge a man not by the colour of his skin, but finally, by the content of his character.
Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama. And even as we celebrate, our condolonces on the loss of your grandmother. She will smile in her eternal sleep knowing that she has given a gift to the world.
Now, the real work begins.

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Dee10 said...

The article was well written and expresses real emotion in the strong belief of our Great Leader and the World's most powerful man -Barrack Obama. Congratulations, Richard Blackford, yet another strong Black man - keep writing with passion. It is truly a historical moment; one which Martin Luther King and many other Black leaders before him predicted - who says one cannot see into the future!

It humbled me; I cried! My spirits were lifted. It empowered me. It reinforced my belief that if you believe it, it WILL happen -a CHANGE IS GOING TO COME.

Whilst Americans are familiar with Black people being in positions of prominence and indeed, imminence, Britain is on another level. When I arrived at work this morning, I gauged the reception of my staff - 50 in total, to see who would approach me and share my joy. It was a mind-blowing experience to find that out of 50 (it's fair to say they were not all in at the same time) only a minute handful celebrated with me and that included the ones I raised the subject of the historical moment with.

Barrack Obama ethos is spiritual unity because he believes the 'whole is more than the sum of its parts' together we are more powerful than individual nations and Peace can only be achieved as a united world. To coin his phrase 'Out of One are Many People' which transcends all race, creed or colour.

I said a pray that God will keep him and his family safe. Barrack Obama has the courage of his conviction so, no matter what, he is a WINNER!